The Most Boneheaded Decisions in the MCU

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We love the MCU and all the heroes in it. They constantly show us what it means to be true Avengers by saving the day over and over again from evil and mass destruction. But just because they’re heroes, doesn’t make them perfect. In fact, time and time again we’ve seen our favorite heroes make the most boneheaded decisions imaginable and it almost costs them everything.

On today’s episode of CBR Saga, CBR’s one and only podcast, we’ll be discussing some of the stupidest decisions our heroes have ever made. What do you think is the single dumbest mistake an Avenger has made? Was Iron Man’s big mistake creating Ultron? Or was it getting drunk at his party while in the suit in Iron Man 2? Steve tends to do what’s right, but was he just not thinking clearly when he decided to crash the plane in the ocean in Captain America: The First Avenger? Or when he gave the shield to Falcon instead of Bucky? If you ask Thor, his dumbest decision will be how he didn’t go for the head in the fight against Thanos, while Star-Lord’s dumbest mistake is pretty obvious when you think about it. All of these heroes and more will be discussed in today’s episode so don’t miss out!

So go ahead and check out the video. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome MCU content and also leave a comment or else Falcon and Winter Soldier is going to be cancelled. Why risk it? Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.

0:00 Intro
1:54 Is Iron Man That Smart?
6:02 Captain America Made the Wrong Choice
11:03 Thor Didn’t Go For the Head
14:28 Star-Lord Blows It
17:09 Spider-Man Is Too Trusting
18:21 Quicksilver Wasn’t Fast Enough

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