Mortal Online 2 - The MMORPG You Might Be Looking For

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Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox, full loot, hardcore, open world MMORPG. Going back to the good old subscription model, pay once monthly and no annoying pay to win. Mortal Online as a game was always an ambitious one, on an engine that just wasn't fit for purpose. Now in UE4, it looks absolutely fantastic and it's the mmorpg of 2021 you should keep your eye on if you're looking for a brand new, fresh experience.
Play for free on March 25th 2021 for the stress test, get a taste of what the game is and then wait for the persistent early access launch on steam hopefully sometime soon but date TBA.

Official post:

The footage in the video was provided from the youtube channel Rhias15, go check him out for more footage of Mo2:

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