Hacker kicked me out of my own server...

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Hacker kicked me out of my own

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In this video, I Spent 1 Hour playing Roblox Arsenal to see how many kills can I get in 1 hour. Credit goes to Tanqr for this video idea, This was a cool experiment as I have 100k thousand kills on my main account so I wanted to see how many I could get in a new account, well it already had 1k kills so minus those. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this Roblox Arsenal video. This took me a while to make so please consider subscribing I have a lot of Arsenal content planned for the future.

Tanqr settings video:​​​​​

Please Comment a few Roblox Arsenal video ideas you would want me to Make like how many LEVELS can I get in 1 Hour / ROBLOX Arsenal With RTX / Roblox Arsenal Stream Sniping / I used Aimbot in Roblox arsenal / HIDE AND SEEK EVENT In ARSENAL or Hacking in Roblox Arsenal. These types of Arsenal challenge videos are fun to make and entertaining to watch so help me out by commenting a few video ideas. :)

#RobloxArsenal​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #RobloxArsenalEvent
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