Google’s new Nest Hub smart display monitors sleep

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Tech Guide Editor Stephen Fenech says Google’s new Nest Hub has a sleep monitoring function which is “ideal” for people who don’t want to wear a watch or a tracker to bed.

“The Google Nest Hub is the smart display, it’s been around for a little while and it’s basically a smart speaker with screen,” he said.

“The big difference this time out is that it has a sleep monitoring function”.

“It actually monitors your movements and any sounds throughout the night, and in the morning it gives you a sleep report.

“This is ideal for those people who don’t want to wear anything to bed like a watch or a tracker.

“In this case there’s no device that you’re wearing, it’s just sitting on your beside table and taking a note of how long you sleep, the quality of your sleep”.

Mr Fenech said the device also provides suggestions on how to improve your sleep such as an earlier bedtime or changes to your “sleep environment”.

The information collected by the sleep monitor remains on the device to ensure privacy is maintained.
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